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The Conquering Child Approaches!—Rejoice!

There is a natural, deep, repugnance, felt by those whose fondness for civilization is elevated above the teeming and madding crowd, for accepting the idea Trump could be in any way a good thing for the USA or the world. In fact, anyone whose mission in life has been to achieve an educated understanding of the political and historical workings of the human species, and who has made good progress in that labor, would be quite appalled at the reality that confronts us in President Donald J. Trump.

But, I would ask those of you, no doubt but a few I know, who may qualify as lovers of a civilized aspect in life, to defer these concerns you may justly have for what has befallen us, and to please direct your attention to considering an interesting possibility: that Donald J. Trump is the first truly Thelemic president of the United States of America. And further, that under the leadership of Donald J. Trump, the long-awaited destruction of the ancient foundations of the Old Aeon government…