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Thelemic Jihad

Originally published April 15, 2010

At some point, all Thelemites know this, there will be a call from without and within the Thelemic current of divine destiny, and Thelemites will go to war. The enemy will be easy to locate, for he shall be anyone who is not a Thelemite; specifically he shall be anyone defending the faiths, powers, and practices of the Old Aeon.

If this war were declared today, it would not last long. Indeed, it likely would not amount to much of a war at all, as the vast majority of Thelemites are cute little hippies who wouldn't die for much of anything except more drugs and sprout-burgers. Their leaders, on the other hand, are pasty neg-heads, who couldn't command or plan an insurgency if their lives depended upon it, which they assuredly do not.

At most, the OTO might be able to stage a newage festival, and hope some SCA types would show up so at least an ornamental threat might be engaged against the tanks and planes and highly-trained killers of the co…

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The Conquering Child Approaches!—Rejoice!

There is a natural, deep, repugnance, felt by those whose fondness for civilization is elevated above the teeming and madding crowd, for accepting the idea Trump could be in any way a good thing for the USA or the world. In fact, anyone whose mission in life has been to achieve an educated understanding of the political and historical workings of the human species, and who has made good progress in that labor, would be quite appalled at the reality that confronts us in President Donald J. Trump.

But, I would ask those of you, no doubt but a few I know, who may qualify as lovers of a civilized aspect in life, to defer these concerns you may justly have for what has befallen us, and to please direct your attention to considering an interesting possibility: that Donald J. Trump is the first truly Thelemic president of the United States of America. And further, that under the leadership of Donald J. Trump, the long-awaited destruction of the ancient foundations of the Old Aeon government…

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The Black Hole of Liberty

If Thelema is the Law of Liberty, then it is a different brand of liberty, one made for this age and not the 18th century. It is a brand of liberty that chiefly depends upon self-restraint, and so an understanding of self-realized and self-regulated rules of operation and engagement. This is not restraint merely as a loss of something, but as in the gaining of something true—self definition.

And yet, for all that self-orientation, Thelemic Liberty is a path of sublimation to a higher purpose, or anyway the purpose, which is high in relation to the many lower and untrue purposes one might make of his life.

As we know, or should know, this makes the life of a Thelemite very easy—and unbelievably difficult. For it is incredibly easy to live a purpose-directed life that emerges out of a righteous devotion to principles or the Law. But it is incredibly difficult to do this in a self-generated and self-oriented way that makes a clear and correct distinction between "self" in the …

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The "Last Generation" Argument

Originally published June 7, 2010
Written just before the Hijra began.

Now the Christians and their Old Aeon mimickers are asking the obvious and vital question. They are even making it mainstream to discuss it. Their ultimate expression of vanity, to imagine their presence or absence matters a whit to the Way.

Look there goes another rubber-tree...plant.

But I see a certain revealing I have been seeing more and more this year. Unfortunately, part of becoming a Thelemic saint is losing everything. How else to shrink to the necessary point?

But the thing is, I now see a path to Thelemic hegemony that does not involve having to overthrow the dominant regimes. They, guided as they shall be, by the Old Aeon common human sentiments, which mass produce and deliver something like McDecency's, will do the decent thing---and commit suicide.

It is thus the virtuous Work of Thelemites to do one thing for now and for the time of this change. Survive.

Inheritance is a lot easier th…