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The Black Hole of Liberty

If Thelema is the Law of Liberty, then it is a different brand of liberty, one made for this age and not the 18th century. It is a brand of liberty that chiefly depends upon self-restraint, and so an understanding of self-realized and self-regulated rules of operation and engagement. This is not restraint merely as a loss of something, but as in the gaining of something true—self definition.

And yet, for all that self-orientation, Thelemic Liberty is a path of sublimation to a higher purpose, or anyway the purpose, which is high in relation to the many lower and untrue purposes one might make of his life.

As we know, or should know, this makes the life of a Thelemite very easy—and unbelievably difficult. For it is incredibly easy to live a purpose-directed life that emerges out of a righteous devotion to principles or the Law. But it is incredibly difficult to do this in a self-generated and self-oriented way that makes a clear and correct distinction between "self" in the …