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The Christian Cross Versus The Thelemic Star

The following is an extended, and updated, contemplation on the similarities (and there are many), and the main differences, between Christianity and Thelema. According to the Thelemic mythos, Christianity is held to be the most successful brand, in the West anyway, of the Old Aeon religions. It is only a failed faith from a New Aeon perspective.

The same is true for the most sophisticated brand of the Isis faiths—Buddhism. It is not that these dying-god faiths have nothing to offer Thelemites. Their fundamental principles should in fact resonate with fundamental Thelemic principles, that is, the principles governing the relationship of human beings to a very long perspective of Cosmic existence and consciousness.

But the differences are in the calculation of the value and the potential of any individual consciousness. In Thelema, the latter is raised up, in life, to a status of the divine—at least potentially. Nirvana, Heaven, perfection and transcendence, are all possible attainmen…

Introduction to Laughing and Weeping

Originally Posted September 16th, 2008 (this was the introductory posting to OP 1.0).

Greetings, and welcome to Onion-Peelings. The premise of this blog is that all questions of an occult nature and particularly ones of a religious nature, and certainly ones involving Thelema, Aleister Crowley's religion, are aptly described and discussed according to Crowley's "Onion-Peelings", Chapter 14 from his Book of Lies.

This is not to say there are not definite or likely answers to occult or Thelemic questions. But it is to say that often the easiest and even truest answers are the least satisfying, while the most compelling and satisfying (particularly the most flattering and gratifying) are often the least truthful. Now, you should really think about that, because in a way I am saying maybe truth isn't all that is valuable. In another way, I am saying that after much struggling, you may come to realize that a lot of what is worthwhile in the occult doesn't require …

Welcome Back To Onion-Peelings

I have decided to resurrect this blog, as there are a number of old posts I wish to see back online, and I have more to say about Thelema and Aleister Crowley.

So, soon you shall see postings, or peelings, old and new, back where they belong. This is not the only place I write about occult matters. You can find other occult and occult-tinged postings at my blog, Nightmare Alleys, and also at my website.

As I have noted a number of times, when I was engaged in my occult work, in Tarot, and in Thelema, I operated using a nom de guerre, Jess Karlin or "jk", a name and a spirit that is technically dead at this point, but which still inspires great fear in a great many people.

That I find very amusing, as all Jess ever sought to do was to tell people the truth—about Tarot and the occult. But, as I discovered, that is often the last thing people wish to hear about—in the occult and in life.

I have not changed my ways, or interests, but now I post with my relatively real name.

Be …