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The "Last Generation" Argument

Originally published June 7, 2010
Written just before the Hijra began.

Now the Christians and their Old Aeon mimickers are asking the obvious and vital question. They are even making it mainstream to discuss it. Their ultimate expression of vanity, to imagine their presence or absence matters a whit to the Way.

Look there goes another rubber-tree...plant.

But I see a certain revealing I have been seeing more and more this year. Unfortunately, part of becoming a Thelemic saint is losing everything. How else to shrink to the necessary point?

But the thing is, I now see a path to Thelemic hegemony that does not involve having to overthrow the dominant regimes. They, guided as they shall be, by the Old Aeon common human sentiments, which mass produce and deliver something like McDecency's, will do the decent thing---and commit suicide.

It is thus the virtuous Work of Thelemites to do one thing for now and for the time of this change. Survive.

Inheritance is a lot easier th…

Thelemic Jihad

Originally published April 15, 2010

At some point, all Thelemites know this, there will be a call from without and within the Thelemic current of divine destiny, and Thelemites will go to war. The enemy will be easy to locate, for he shall be anyone who is not a Thelemite; specifically he shall be anyone defending the faiths, powers, and practices of the Old Aeon.

If this war were declared today, it would not last long. Indeed, it likely would not amount to much of a war at all, as the vast majority of Thelemites are cute little hippies who wouldn't die for much of anything except more drugs and sprout-burgers. Their leaders, on the other hand, are pasty neg-heads, who couldn't command or plan an insurgency if their lives depended upon it, which they assuredly do not.

At most, the OTO might be able to stage a newage festival, and hope some SCA types would show up so at least an ornamental threat might be engaged against the tanks and planes and highly-trained killers of the co…

Against The Cant Of The Christo-Thelemite Mob And Their Metaphors

There is an argument, implicit in some of the critiques made against what I write about Thelema, that because I have misunderstood an allegedly basic notion—that Liber AL must only be viewed as metaphors for an interior spiritual exercise—my observations about any external implications of the Law, these critics assert, are superficial and indicative of someone who has suffered from a lack of proper initiation. When I rejected the assumption the "basic notion" was correct, and argued instead for what Crowley had argued for, that the external and surface meanings of Liber AL also have relevance, the criticism devolved pretty quickly into a defense of petty tribal beliefs and loyalties.

Here are a few examples of this offered lately on Facebook:
“Glenn Wright—I have a question for you Baby Boom: Why are you even here? If you think you're original in what you're doing you're not. Have been down this road numerous times already... some Baby Boomer asshole writing art…

What if Thelema Were True?

Originally posted February 27, 2010

What if Thelema Were True?

What would that mean?

I don’t mean: what would it mean for Bill Breeze?

I mean: what would it mean for you?

That you can feel good about wilting your do?

The thing is, Christianity makes no distinction between the pope and the pauper, not spiritually. And it is easy for the pauper to understand this, because he knows that all he has to do to be saved is to express his faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He might live like a rat in his human time, but this is merely a sign to others of the essential rathood underlying any presumption of righteous value in even the most virtuous or materially prosperous human existence. In the end, all the rats are redeemed in the Body of Christ, where they will once again be individually extinct, but fully alive in the Unity of Divine Light.

The Thelemite, on the other hand, does not have an easy time of things. First off, he is told that faith is a corpse, and that he had better rely …

Satanism, Dead Babies, & Lon Milo DuQuette

2014 Preface

In the past, I think it is fair to say I had a good deal of antipathy towards Lon Milo DuQuette. Although it wasn't really for Lon as a person, but rather for what he stands for, a kind of pathetic, special-pleading & peddling devilry meant to mislead the always eagerly misled poor saps who huddle around the entrance at the outermost gates of the occult temple.

Many people have objected to me that they know Lon, and he is a very nice person. I know Lon almost entirely through his works, and those are sufficiently troubling to me, in the sense of their being inadequate on technical points, and buffoonish on most points, that getting to know Lon well enough to afford him any sentimental benefit of acquaintance, seems a most ill-advised move.

Nevertheless, as you shall see below, I have in the past sought to develop an online dialog with Lon, hoping by this to obtain more details from him on where precisely he is coming from—other than a circus tent. This has proved …

Suspending Disbelief in Thelema

2014 Preface

This involves a premise and a contemplation I had been working on since the 1990s, when we would frequently debate, on the old Usenet group, alt.tarot, the meaning of life, and Thelema. Particularly, as the debates sometimes went, the question was whether you had to believe in all that seeming nonsense Aleister Crowley claimed about the Thelemic creation myth—was Aiwass really there or was he a projection of Crowley's imagination manifesting a higher part of himself?—to do or get Thelema? Was faith required in other words, and how would it manifest exactly?

Frequently, because of my rather skeptical approach to all our topics, especially the creation myths of Tarot—which helped to inform Crowley's own ideas and approach—I was often asked what I believed. This question was often posed to me as a way of suggesting that no honest answer could be forthcoming except "nothing", and this would have its own damning implications for me. But it was in fact one of …

Aiwaz—Minister Zero

Originally published November 3, 2009

Who or what is Aiwass, or as Crowley eventually called him, Aiwaz?

What, if any, place does he have in the Thelemic pantheon, or the Thelemic hierarchy of powers?

Is his position actual, or implied? For example, is Aiwaz actually head of the Thelemic Church, such as that exists? There is evidence that Crowley understood Aiwaz to be like a Priest-King figure, whose authority in dictating the Law of the Aeon of Horus was unquestionable, and unbearably true, meaning that one who stood against Aiwaz and his authority, which even Crowley attempted to do, would be broken—Will contra will.

And how can these things be true, if Aiwaz was merely a figment of Aleister Crowley's imagination, or less than this, a literary metaphor used to feign an authority for a piece of occult writing? The latter is certainly an occult tradition, and Crowley was well aware of it, but if that is all it is, then how can we explain Crowley's lifelong devotion to promot…

Between a Rock and a Soft Spot

Originally published October 24, 2009

I am having a multi-venue discussion now about these questions of Thelema as religion, and how it might relate or not to other religions, especially Christianity. By the way, Keith418, if you have something to offer on these points, pro or con, offer it here as well, so I can reply.

The following is something I posted to my Facebook wall. The reference below to Jesus' lesson is in reply to someone who made this claim—that it could be summed up in part as an encouragement to be more than we let ourselves be.:

In Christianity and Thelema, which we should recall are respective heresies of an older tradition, there is an idea that is central, and which is generally ignored by alleged adherents. This is the idea of surrender, and of diminishment and indeed destruction of self to serve the Great Work.

I think if Jesus' lesson was that we can be more than we let ourselves be, it would not be much different than the US Army's "Be All Y…