The Conquering Child Approaches!—Rejoice!

There is a natural, deep, repugnance, felt by those whose fondness for civilization is elevated above the teeming and madding crowd, for accepting the idea Trump could be in any way a good thing for the USA or the world. In fact, anyone whose mission in life has been to achieve an educated understanding of the political and historical workings of the human species, and who has made good progress in that labor, would be quite appalled at the reality that confronts us in President Donald J. Trump.

But, I would ask those of you, no doubt but a few I know, who may qualify as lovers of a civilized aspect in life, to defer these concerns you may justly have for what has befallen us, and to please direct your attention to considering an interesting possibility: that Donald J. Trump is the first truly Thelemic president of the United States of America. And further, that under the leadership of Donald J. Trump, the long-awaited destruction of the ancient foundations of the Old Aeon governments and their societies can finally proceed at a torrid pace, unfettered by norms and restraints that in any other time but this one would have seemed necessary and really the basic components of a prudent and decent sense of action.

All of that lies in ruins now!

The world, that is the part of the world that holds the central place of power and effective political decision-making, i.e. the USA, has thrown away its Old Aeon law books and guidebooks. America of course was never much of a fan of these in the first place, but the simplicity of its people and its cultures, being rooted for such a long time in good, honest, frontier values (of slaughtering everything in sight deemed “other” and “edible”), bent its leaders to a puritanical leniency in the USA’s dealings with the world. Part of this of course lies in the deep respect Americans have always had for the sound of the word (if not the reality of the condition) of “freedom”. One should respect the freedom and liberty of others, Americans have tended to blather to one another, and so much have they alleged to live by that notion of liberty, that Thelemites, including Crowley, have naturally assumed Americans must be the chosen people of the New Aeon.

Now, finally, it seems the American people have taken up the challenge of proving their Thelemic mettle. It is exciting to consider what the next few years may be able to bring us. What defenestrations of reason! What blunders of spiritual blindness! What kowtowing to the bold leadership of a true, conquering child of the New Aeon, which description seems in every sense to sum up and characterize the person and being and certainly the presidential administration of Donald J. Trump!

How fortunate we are to have lived unto this moment in time, when the very climate of the world bends to the will of Hadit and those who would frack forth the glowing, burning, quaking lights of progress from the dead muck of extinct lifeforms! Literally, these petro-Thelemites are squeezing life’s blood from rocks! Can the spiritual message of this ever-so-febrile passion for destruction of the stingy ancient stratas (of life itself) be any clearer?

Before Trump is through with this poor old world, Crowley’s prophecy to us concerning the nature of the New Dark Ages will have inescapably stamped itself in blood upon the living documents of our lives and our future prospects.

We rejoice in being doomed! We rejoice in meeting the death of the dead world and its dead gods!

Hail Hadit! Hail Ra-Hoor-Khuit! Hail Nuit!

Hail the blind eye of the vast pulsating Will of the Cosmos, as it rams home with all of the vision and intelligence of its horrors and its hallows, anointing each of us with the turgid grace of its ejaculations and the magnificence of the size of its hands!

Hail Trump! Hail the Destructor!

Choose and perish! 


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