The Black Hole of Liberty

Black hole reveals its presence by bending the light rays of a distant galaxy. And so, in terms of our perception, the existence of what is superficially not there at all, at least in terms of direct visual apprehension, is revealed as a power greater than anything we know. This is the very idea of magick (bending of perception) and the Work occultists say is the highest purpose of a properly devoted life of Light. One defines himself and reveals himself by such Works. It is not however a revealing of one's inner truth, but only of the presence of that truth as it works in the body and mind of one particular star or Hadit. Thelema as an initiatory evolution removes the suggestion that any Hadit or Great Worker needs to be anointed in a human organizational regime to be a valid agent in the Law. The only regime that matters in Thelema is Nuit's call and Hadit's answer. And that answer always starts the same: with acceptance of the ALL as a joyful noise. That is the essential liberty, out of which all else, all lawful work, proceeds.

If Thelema is the Law of Liberty, then it is a different brand of liberty, one made for this age and not the 18th century. It is a brand of liberty that chiefly depends upon self-restraint, and so an understanding of self-realized and self-regulated rules of operation and engagement. This is not restraint merely as a loss of something, but as in the gaining of something true—self definition.

And yet, for all that self-orientation, Thelemic Liberty is a path of sublimation to a higher purpose, or anyway the purpose, which is high in relation to the many lower and untrue purposes one might make of his life.

As we know, or should know, this makes the life of a Thelemite very easy—and unbelievably difficult. For it is incredibly easy to live a purpose-directed life that emerges out of a righteous devotion to principles or the Law. But it is incredibly difficult to do this in a self-generated and self-oriented way that makes a clear and correct distinction between "self" in the lower sense, of egomaniacal worship of one's reflection in the mirror, and faithful devotion to the self as the chosen tool to conduct one's business (i.e., the business of Thou) in the New Aeon.

So, we are not animals of society so much as others have been in the occult. We are not "we" at all except as a species of perception and current-sharing with others like us. We are the creatures of the future, continually being born into a past where ancient monuments are constructed, whose edifices are covered in the prophecies of the times we shall live and mold.

Do not therefore worry about the fate of humanity. It is going where it needs to be to enable the unfolding of events charted long before your eyes opened upon the stars.

Worry about and achieve the accumulation of everything, so that your liberation from it, in the definition of the only thing, shall be total.
"The Law of your being becomes Light, Life, Love and Liberty. All is peace, all is harmony and beauty, all is joy."
To understand that merely as a promise of good feeling, or as a reward for doing what you are told, is to seek comfort in the sties of swine. A liberated spirit does what is righteous because it is in his nature and no other course is open to him. He is in that respect an Angel of the Light. "All" is every potential, realized and accepted as necessary—like a bend in a mountain road one must take to advance. The only other choice is to go back or fall.

This is transcendentally horrible to the blind, who century after century beg for relief from the laws of the Universe. However, the apprehension of simple truth is joy to the enlightened, not because they delight in the "evil" potentials, per se, though some do, but because the Universe is a gloriously beautiful thing built from the inside out upon the annihilation of everything. Those with this understanding can only ever be monsters—or stars—to the asteroids.

Remember that it is around such monsters that galaxies are constructed.


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