The Pinheaded Inquisition

Originally posted July 3, 2009

I saw today where somebody was arguing against the Thelemic legitimacy of Kenneth Grant. As you may know, Grant's ideas are a little (or a lot) heretical to some Thelemites, and also Grant for many years stood in opposition to the authority of the organization anointed by a couple of Old Aeon magistrates as the OTO.

No matter how you may view Grant or his ideas, I thought this rebuke of him was particularly silly:
"Occultism which wallows in and derives itself from fiction can have no possible relevance to any but the mentally ill."
To which I replied:

Occultism is fiction.

Fiction is not only relevant to the mentally ill.

If Kenneth Grant wants to call himself a Thelemite, that is no more or less fictional, or insane, than Aleister Crowley claiming there is such a thing as a Thelemite to be in the first place.

Occultists are already dancing together on the head of a pin. When they start inquisitions about who is the real one, or the insane one, they do not advance any arguments for their righteousness or enlightenment.



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