Welcome Back To Onion-Peelings

The old header for the original version of this blog. Onion-Peelings is of course the title of a chapter from Liber 333. In it, we are told by Frater Perdurabo: "The Universe is the Practical Joke of the General at the Expense of the Particular".
I have decided to resurrect this blog, as there are a number of old posts I wish to see back online, and I have more to say about Thelema and Aleister Crowley.

So, soon you shall see postings, or peelings, old and new, back where they belong. This is not the only place I write about occult matters. You can find other occult and occult-tinged postings at my blog, Nightmare Alleys, and also at my website.

As I have noted a number of times, when I was engaged in my occult work, in Tarot, and in Thelema, I operated using a nom de guerre, Jess Karlin or "jk", a name and a spirit that is technically dead at this point, but which still inspires great fear in a great many people.

That I find very amusing, as all Jess ever sought to do was to tell people the truth—about Tarot and the occult. But, as I discovered, that is often the last thing people wish to hear about—in the occult and in life.

I have not changed my ways, or interests, but now I post with my relatively real name.

Be seeing you.

Glenn F. Wright


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