Introduction to Laughing and Weeping

This image, which has no especial relevance to this posting, is made up of mixtures of layers of onion skin cells. The star just appeared in the mash, by magick. Perhaps that is a lake full of tears of laughter, in which a Lady does not get all that much sleep really. She can sleep when she's dead.
Originally Posted September 16th, 2008 (this was the introductory posting to OP 1.0).

Greetings, and welcome to Onion-Peelings. The premise of this blog is that all questions of an occult nature and particularly ones of a religious nature, and certainly ones involving Thelema, Aleister Crowley's religion, are aptly described and discussed according to Crowley's "Onion-Peelings", Chapter 14 from his Book of Lies.

This is not to say there are not definite or likely answers to occult or Thelemic questions. But it is to say that often the easiest and even truest answers are the least satisfying, while the most compelling and satisfying (particularly the most flattering and gratifying) are often the least truthful. Now, you should really think about that, because in a way I am saying maybe truth isn't all that is valuable. In another way, I am saying that after much struggling, you may come to realize that a lot of what is worthwhile in the occult doesn't require any struggle at all. It merely requires a willingness to tell yourself to shut up and listen. And a willingness to take that advice.

Good luck.


*—Jess Karlin once saw someone put their initials into those little parentheses, and thought it looked cool, like a little fort to hide in, and so he decided to start doing it too. The j and the k were noted to be pointing alternately down and up, as the arms of the Magus indicate is the proper flow of life energy.


  1. Hey, Soror Harmony here, just waving hi :D Glad that your blog is up and running!


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